You produce inside a Greenhouse to enhance climate control and achieve 4,800 10 lb. flats/1/4 acre/11 months from 1 crop of tomatoes with a flavor your clients will love. Sold at $1.25/lb, you can generate $40,000 from 11000 sq. Ft. Our Growers choose a ray of flowers, produce, and transplant production from arugula to trellised zucchini 52 weeks a year. Please INQUIRE ABOUT OUR TURNKEY 3 SPAN GUTTER CONNECTED GREENHOUSES FROM 3744 Sq. Ft WITH SIDEWALL HEIGHTS from 4′ – 24′ AND EASILY EXPANDABLE. We love to help our clients buy, build, and operate a Greenhouse, providing your team with firsthand knowledge to meet your budget.

You need secure results raising fresh flowers, produce, cannabis, or transplants to guarantee supply to your clients,

  • Save more with less labor & energy costs compared to field-grown crops.
  • Factory direct shipments of fans, polycarbonate, six mil poly, shade screens, Modine heaters, pots, trays, soil mixes, irrigation, fertilizers, and more, saving you bundles in delivered costs for your Turnkey Greenhouse Project. 
  • Our more robust frames withstand Hurricane winds, heavy snow loads, and hanging basket crop loads. Our posts include #5 dowel bars reinforced ground anchors cured in cement bell footers. We use three-coat corrosion-resistant Gatorhield tubing to ensure you have an easier-to-maintain and tough greenhouse.  
  • Suntex will help you discover intelligent production systems in our specially-built greenhouse kits. We can provide Greenhouse stamped Engineered blueprints. And INSTALLED BY US, your local Pole Barn – Metal Building contractor, or most Handymen, and always supervised by Suntex.     
  • You will love our affordable options with business planning, Profit & Loss in Excel,  FINANCING, & NRCS USDA grants.   

Since 1997, we have expanded our Greenhouse kits, evolving from our Mainstay Series. Contact Suntex today and learn firsthand how to grow inside.

Mainstay Series

Mainstay Gutter Connect Series

Tall Rig Series

Short Rig Series

New! Mainstay Storm Jib Series

Protect your investment valued from $22/sq. sq. foot with our Storm Jib Series Greenhouse. Our Svensson solar woven cladding and Harmony Shade screens withstood wind gusts near 125 mph for 5 hours during Hurricane Ian, SW FL. We recommend upgrading to our Storm Jib Series with our changing climate. Our Greenhouse Engineered blueprints confirm ground snow and crop loads, providing peace of mind during inclement weather.


We now offer Hurricane resistant Poolhouses, replacing aluminum pool cages. Powerful hurricanes, like Ian in Fort Myers, destroyed most aluminum Pool Cages. We use HD Greenhouse frames on our Poolhouses with gothic roof arches, secured with our American-built (walk-on) gutters. Our Poolhouse and screens withstand wind gusts over 100 mph for 5 hours without damage. Removing your ruined pool cage and installing your new pool house can save you nearly $40/sq/ft ($36,000 for a 900 sq./ft. pool house). We use Greenhouse grade HD stainless steel, & galvanized fasteners for added strength. Anti-flea screens below the lower cross brace provide more comfort without repellent. Our Poolhouses are more manageable and less expensive to install than aluminum pool cages. PSE provides engineered blueprints to obtain a building permit. Inquire with Suntex for your new MAINSTAY POOLHOUSE.