Growers Discover transplants,  ornamentals, flowers, hemp, or produce grown in pots/bags, hydroponically, or in the ground in a Climate Controlled Hi-Tunnel or Greenhouse.

Apply for your USDA Gov’t Grant NRCS Approved Mainstay Hi Tunnel.

The USA triple-coat-galvanized 13 & 14 Gauge Tubing for the wind, rain, and snow load resistance you need.  

Our posts are fastened on our unique rebar-reinforced Ground Anchor A type embedded in cement footers to meet or exceed local building codes.

Rafters with W trusses, and optional knee braces, spaced every 4′ for added strength.  6′ & 8′ Rafter spacing available. 

Gothic roof arches with a precise curve allow impressive light transmission, and the snow sheds better than A-Frame roofs.  

Suntex Service helps you plan, build, and understand operating costs,  marketing, and maintenance.

Available in 5 Widths – 21′, 24′, 30′, 34′ & 36′. (OK for custom widths).   Lengths – 48′, 72′, 96′, 144′, 192′ (OK for custom lengths).

We provide 2D-3D blueprints along with our easy-to-follow Greenhouse assembly guide to help you install with ease.   For all 50 states, we offer Greenhouse Engineered blueprints for local permits and insurance coverage.   

Starting From    30′ x 48′ $ 4995      30′ x 72′ $ 7155       30′ x 96′ $ 9267  (May 2023 Pricing)
(Other sizes available)

We recommend sliding doors with a bottom seal brush for optimum climate control.

Easy as 1-2-3 to install roll-up sidewalls and doors 

We have Greenhouse ventilation calculators to help you determine how many CFM exhaust, inside HAF fans, and air intake shutters you need.   The type of cladding and shade screens help in energy saving while providing essential air exchange. 

Suntex will provide Gable End sketches and update you on how many feet of frames are needed for the job.

We can advise on how many exhaust, HAF fans, and air intake shutters you need for ideal air exchange.

Strengthen your Greenhouse with local lumber for your stacked H gable end frames fitted with energy-saving twin-wall 8 mm polycarbonate. 

Turnkey Package 

Polycarbonate End Walls  –  Roll up/down sidewall solarwoven curtains –  Your choice of Dual Layer IR 6 mil Roof Film with inflation fan kit  – Rack n Pinion Peak Vents –  White/Black Ground Cover –  54″ Euroemme exhaust fan (s) x needed CFM for air exchange – air intake shutters x qty needed –  2″ sq. Gatorhield gable end wall frames –  Green Breeze HAF fans x 4 (72′) 6 (96′) or 8 (144′) – Modine LP Heater kit –  8′ x 8′ Sliding Security Door  –  Harmony  Climate screen of your choice –   Aegis TEC+ Greenhouse climate controller to put your Greenhouse in autopilot for the vent, curtain, temp./humidity control with the wind, rain, and humidity override – 2D-3D Blueprints – Assembly Instructions – Delivered to you E of MS.

30′ x 48′     $21,980             30′ x 72′    $27,485              30′ x 96′    $32,700           34′ x 72′   $ 27,200            34′ x 96′ $ 22,685              34′ x 144′ $31,300  (May 2023 Pricing)

Business planning with our Excel P & L datasheet


Sustainable Solar (SS) Greenhouse Controllers

With our solar greenhouse controllers, you can turn the same energy that warms your greenhouse into the life that cools it. Harness the sun’s rays to power your ventilation system, for your operations that have no access to conventional electricity, or for those wanting the highest level of energy efficiency.   
Reliability should be the cornerstone of any automated ventilation system. Trusting your crop’s health to automation requires a high level of confidence in your system’s components — most importantly, the ventilation controller. Your climate controller allows you to set desired temperature points, run time for motors, idle time between stages, temperature differentials, and a low-temperature alert point — all crucial components to the operation of your greenhouse growing.     
All-In-One Climate Controllers

Whether you’re flipping a switch or utilizing automated ventilation control benefits, managing your 24VDC ventilation system is effortless.

Our solar controllers are designed for greenhouse ventilation and allow you to control either two or four ventilation systems.  Perfect to meet the unique challenges of off-grid or during power outages (with additional power pack).

With a thermostatic controller, you can program adjustable open and close temperatures for your ventilation curtains, open and close in increments, and set flexible idle times between vent or curtain movements. Humidity, Rain, Wind, and Manual overrides are available on most of our environmental controllers.