You produce inside a Greenhouse to enhance climate control producing 4,800 10 lb. flats/1/4 acre/11 months from 1 crop tomatoes with flavour your clients will love.   Sold at $1.25/lb, you can generate $40,000 from 11000 sq. Ft.   Our Growers choose a ray of flowers, produce and transplant production from arugula to trellised zucchini 52 weeks a year.

You need secure results raising fresh flowers, produce or transplants to guarantee supply to your clients, and save more with less labor & energy costs compared to field grown crops. Suntex and our partners will help you discover smart production systems in our specially built greenhouse kits certified, stamped, sealed and installed by our American, Canadian and Dutch team. Once you contact us, you'll love the options we provide at affordable costs complete with business planning. Since 1996, we expanded our Greenhouse kits evolving from our Mainstay Series. Contact Suntex today and learn first hand how you can do it.

Mainstay Series

Available in Solo High Tunnel Kits

SeaBreeze Series

Available in Multi-Span or Solo High Tunnel Kits

Tall Rig Series

Available in Solo or Multi-span

Short Rig Series

Available in 12′ or 16′ widths priced from $700