Choose a Mainstay GC – Gutter Connect vs. a Solo Greenhouse. Check these key points.
  1. More plants per sq. ft.
  2. Taller G’house with more air volume provides lower-cost climate control.
  3. Faster to install with 6′ & 12′ post spacing with 6′ rafter spacing.
  4. Stronger wind load rating.
  5. Cooling screens at 26′ wide can be fitted on the inside.
  6. Gutters allow rainwater to flow into irrigation tanks, providing a cleaner & safer work area.
  7. Growers can add more bays and lengthen the greenhouse.
  8. Lower cost per footprint.
  9. Fewer sidewalls to manage.
  10. 27% fewer frames & rafters are needed. Inside posts spaced every 12′ vs. 4′.
  11. More light to pass with 6′ rafter spacing than 4′

A Mainstay GC 26’w. x 3 Bay Greenhouse at 78′ x 48′ – total 3744 sq. ft. requires 52 posts and 27 rafters. A 30’x124′ @ 3720 sq. ft. with 4′ rafter spacing requires 76 posts and 32 rafters. Call us for your Mainstay GC quote today.   

After the summer 2021, we will add a 3rd Bay.   Plant City, FL.   Come visit us in Tampa Bay.

Gutter Connect Greenhouse are a much better value than Solo Greenhouses

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