For example, a greenhouse poly with 84 % light transmission and 55% light diffusion, along with anti-drip & Infra-red properties, will keep more moderate daytime temperatures, which benefits your plants and crew working underneath. A 90 % light transmission poly with 25% light diffusion can send your greenhouse temps soaring to 115F+ on a warm summer day, then factor in higher humidity, pathogens can flourish, not to mention adding the heat stress to your plants and crew. Many growers in warm to hot growing regions worldwide are switching to a combination of cool grade poly with harmony shade screens to flatten the curve on the day and nighttime temperatures. When installing Harmony shade screens, please note to put the shiny side up. Contact Suntex today for the ideal poly cladding and shade screens that best suit your growing need.

The quality of light is compared to the quantity of light.

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