Kool Lite® Plus      Greenhouse film cooling and light management

Patented greenhouse film with pearlescent pigments, which reflects solar heat – ideal for hot climate regions.

Covertan Crop Cover Service

Suntex will advise on what type of Covertan to use, when & how to secure,  remove, storage to use Covertan again, using hoops to suspend Covertan off young plants, +.   For thermal protection, should I use Covertan 19 x 2 or Covertan 40 x 1 in a Greenhouse?




Poly Produce Bins

Ventilated Harvest Bins. 1.75 Bushel available. 

More Soil Mixes

Greenhouse Benches and components

Fog Sprayer

Hand Crank

Gear Crank


Rack n Pinion Vent Systems


Roll Up Doors

Round, square, or rectangular Galvanized Tubing 11-13-14-16-18 Gauge.  Flatbed service direct to you.

#4 48" Rebar from $1.85/ea - FOB Sarasota, FL.    Custom lengths, J, or L, bend offered.

Tampa Bay Powder Coating Services keeps frames cool and improve corrosion resistance

Understand your fixed and variable Greenhouse Project Production (P &L) Costs in Excel.



Ventilated Harvest Baskets from 2-4 or 8 Quart and 5/8 to 1.25 Bushel sizes.

Many other stacks and nest bins available.