Obscura Blackout Screens

Precious sleep for plants – or neighbors
Double layered Obscura screens provide the total blackout needed to manage plants that need a shorter day than daylight hours allow. Single-layer Obscura is used with supplemental lighting for plants that need additional light. It keeps the light inside the greenhouse for maximum effect – and restricts the light from disturbing your neighbors.

Reasons to choose Obscura:

• Total control over day length for the most sensitive plants
• Effective cooling when reflective upper surface was chosen
• High energy saving, especially if one layer is aluminum
• Light emission control that satisfies neighbors and legislation
• Increased productivity when used with supplemental lighting
• More uniformity from extra lighting in the growing area
• Good moisture management and nighttime heat retention to lower your energy bill

  • Offered in fire break, fire retardant,  white/black/black – white/black/black/white – all white – aluminum/black – aluminum/black/white 


OBSCURA 10075 FB A+B    OBSCURA 10075 FB A+BW    OBSCURA 9950 FR W


The single greatest energy saver 

Tempa uses aluminum strips in a closed structure to bring the greatest energy savings of all. But it also doubles as an effective shading screen when needed. This dual functionality makes it ideal as a single screen solution or where needs are often changing.

Reasons to choose Tempa:

  • The greatest energy savings at any given shading level
  • Doubles up as an effective shading screen by day.
  • A more even temperature throughout the greenhouse when used with a pad and fan cooling system.
  • A single-screen solution for shading, cooling, and maximum energy saving.
  • Maximum cooling when installed above plants in a greenhouse with side ventilation.
  • Below are popular Tempa screens;  we do offer other Tempa screens up to 93% shading level in diffused light.

Tempa 3049 D FB

Tempa 4955 D R AW

Tempa 6560 C AW

Tempa 7265 D R AW

Tempa 8672 D FB

Deco Harmony

Decorative Climate Screens, further development of the Harmony-screens, provide shade and spread light evenly. The result is a comfortable indoor climate throughout the day.

You also benefit from your screen at night when the temperature outside drops, as it preserves a certain amount of heat. This creates better conditions for your plants and saves energy as well. Moreover, the flame retardant properties of these Svensson-screens meet the stringent fire safety requirements for garden centers, greenhouses, or shade houses.

  • Choose colors – dark grey – dark terracotta – light grey – light terracotta.

Deco Harmony 60 O FR

Deco Harmony 60 O FR

Deco Harmony 60 O FR

Deco Harmony 60 O FR