Xsect – Ventilated Insect screens.

Excluding pests from growing areas is the most effective insect control method. Keep harmful insects outside the greenhouse and useful insects inside with Xsect control screens.

Insect Control with great ventilation for a cooler and less humid greenhouse climate.
With fine yarns that effectively increase airflow capacity, Xsect allows for greater ventilation without compromising insect control. Available in different hole sizes, Xsect provides a secure barrier against even the smallest insects.

All Xsect insect screens are sold with hole sizes based on measurements taken from real insects. Thanks to the uniform weaving process, hole sizes are consistent across the entire screen.

Designed for exceptional performance and long service life, Xsect is UV stable and highly resistant – providing a durable insect control solution.

Xsect insect control screens are uniquely engineered to keep harmful insects out of the greenhouse and beneficial insects inside while allowing maximum airflow.

Uniquely designed with exquisitely thin, proprietary yarns and a uniform weaving process, Xsect screens are produced with consistent hole sizes and a virtually impenetrable weave that insects can’t burrow through. Yet, at the same time, air flows comfortably thanks to superior, small-diameter fibers. The result? A cooler, less humid greenhouse climate that is healthier and more productive for people and plants alike.

Xsect Balance – ensures effective aphid and whitefly exclusion with maximum airflow, providing the ultimate balance between exclusion and porosity potential, creating an all-around better growing climate.

Xsect Beefriend – Provides effective inclusion of beneficial insects such as bumblebees, ensuring pure pollination without undesirable cross-fertilization from other greenhouses. Available in FR (Flame Retardant to lower your insurance fees).

Xsect Xtreme ensures the extreme exclusion of thrips and similar size insects with good airflow.

Xsect Xtra is our newest insect control screen offering advanced control of thrips and similar-size insects, with extra added airflow, maximizing your airflow potential when excluding smaller insects such as thrips.

NoteSelect screens based on hole size and not mesh since mesh alone cannot indicate a screen’s ability to exclude the insect of interest.    

Contact Suntex for Types Xsect insect screen sizes available and tech support.

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Enjoy this video.   Ventilation is essential when it comes to selecting an insect screen.