NHR – Your Smart Device Partner

Wireless Sensors You Can Trust!

NHR wireless sensors and Sentrolcloud control solutions became the industry standard because of its simple, intuitive, reliable and rapid return on investment quality for security, safety and environment monitoring.

• Monitor data and control devices via computer or smartphone
• Prevents premise damage and lowers your insurance fees
• Fast, easy installation
• Long range and battery life
• Low or no wiring costs


Growers rely on NHR – sentrolcloud monitoring and automation for healthy climate control, while reducing labor and energy costs every day.


All our NHR wireless sensors link to our Controller Gateway for Precise monitoring and control your team will love.

Life and Premise Security

You need security for the Team that surrounds your loved ones.

Energy Management

Save on energy fees, and improve your worker environment proven to make your team work smarter.

Logistics and Cold Storage

Save and minimize losses of your items kept in cold storage.